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ImmunoBlast Gang of Seven Immune Defense

ImmunoBlast Gang of Seven Immune Defense

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Formulated by Dr. Ralph La Guardia, this is his life's work.  Finally, an immune booster that could keep you healthy and vibrant in the face of an outbreak.

ImmunoBlast contains all this:

  • Iodine from wild kelp - which activates detoxification

  • Selenium - activates the immune system the way nothing else can

  • Zinc - the missing element your immune system is desperate for

  • Quercetin is the supplement of the future

  • Vitamins A and D work together to fire up your immune system

  • Finally, vitamin C - the most reliable immunity booster

What People Are Saying About Us

This works great for giving you energy! I can feel it working, which is just not the case with so many supplements and powders. I feel a mild jolt about 15 minutes after I take it and I can feel my face and scalp heat up. Oh, and my wife seems to like that I'm taking it too ;)

- IamSparta (verified buyer)

In less than 2 weeks of daily collagen doses, I was totally without cellulite!!! As in GONE! I've had cellulite since I was 10 (thanks family heredity)


I wish I had known of this product 20 years ago. Most of my aches are gone and the deep lines and crepe paper skin are fading away.

- Debbie Grishow Pedersen

I started using Proflexorol about 2 months ago and I noticed great results right away, now I take two pills everyday,, much better flexibilty in my joints and I can walk much easier, getting out of bed is way easier too,, highly recomend!

- Robert Ridley
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